At Digital Tangent we take pride in our work and want your website to look fresh and modern for years to come. Our Support & Maintenance services will ensure your website continues to perform and protects your initial investment in development.


Quarterly Support & Maintenance

Make your life easier with complete peace of mind - we will automatically take care of software updates, performance monitoring, offsite backups, optimisation and up to 5 hours of included content updates for your site. Our Help Desk makes it easy for you to submit and keep track of your work requests.


Ad-hoc Support Package

Get the best of flexibility and a trusted team. Purchase a package of 10 support hours, valid throughout the calendar year and we will jump in to help whenever you need it. You can also use our ad-hoc package to request new additions to your site. Perfect for those small tasks!




Because we work to make sure that our clients get the most out of their solutions and reach their full potential online, Digital Tangent provides an extensive 30-day website warranty and maintenance policy for the solutions we build and host. Not every web designer or development company provides this kind of warranty, but we do. We do it because we want the people we work with to succeed and be happy with their solutions and the service they received from us. Staying on top of website maintenance takes awareness, diligence and organization. It is especially challenging for larger sites and ecommerce solutions with hundreds (or even thousands) of pages. Have you thought about a website maintenance plan?


Specific website warranty details vary with each solution and contract, but the outline below should provide a general idea of our capabilities and coverage for newly-built solutions. If you need maintenance for an existing solution, click here to create a support request.

Digital Tangent's website warranty covers websites developed by Digital Tangent. The warranty covers errors or omissions by our staff for 30 days after the solution goes live. Any code altered by the customer and/or 3rd party applications used in the website is outside the scope of our warranty. The accuracy of content provided or approved by the customer to complete the website is the customer’s responsibility, and alterations are considered change requests.

  • Response to your request for support assistance within 24 hours, when properly submitted online, or by email.
  • Assistance with any broken links that are reported to need fixing.
  • Assistance with error messages and system loading problems reported by users.
  • Assistance with problems experienced by users when attempting to play video and audio files or view and download images or documents.
  • Assistance with viewing problems reported by users where your website is not displaying correctly in certain browser types defined in your contract (e.g. Chrome and Safari).
  • Assistance with any queries or problems arising with the CMS database system or ecommerce program.
  • Restoration of any online project that has been vandalized or hacked.
  • Functionality – ensuring all links/images are working correctly and examining the overall health and proper functionality of the website.
  • Install patches, fixes, updates to operating system or server; install additional software packages to the operating system or server; install patches, fixes or updates to additional software packages.

Need assistance beyond your warranty?

Subscribe to one of our support plans.