How to use content to attract customers to your store

As a small business merchant, you’re challenged with using marketing as effectively as possible in order to attract customers. Creative content like videos, photos, and stories for your website and social media channels can be a great way to connect with customers that’s personal and doesn’t require you to pay for costly ads. Here are five inspirational ways that merchants have effectively used content to connect with their customers.

Become a Resource

Customers have a lot of choices when it comes to buying online. But, when you become a trusted resource, you build a stronger connection and loyalty with your customers.  Offer visitors to your site useful information like videos and tips to draw them into your store.

Digital Link Africa customer, Greenspoon is a great example of integrating useful content. They offer quality information that their customers value such as tips, reviews, recipes, and more. Together with compelling visuals, the site’s content helps to establish their credibility and gives customers a reason to return and share some of the valuable information with others across their networks.

Differentiate Your Content

Identify what’s unique to you and your store to set yourself apart from competitors. Then apply what makes your store different to create content to reflect that image. Use high-quality photos to show off your products and how they’re used, provide product guides, share real-life testimonials from customers to show how your products have helped them, or highlight awards or accolades from press coverage in order to make your store and your products stand out.

Keep Your Messages Simple

An effective social media post relies on how interesting the message is. The message must relate to the customers and give them a reason to pay attention to what you’re saying. Not to mention, you want to create posts that encourage your followers to share the post with others. However, you need to keep it short and simple with a strong call to action. Valkee does an excellent job of capturing all of the necessary components of a great post.

Use Great Images

A picture really does say a thousand words. Strive to use only quality images that are unique to your brand to capture the attention of your followers. A great image has the potential to boost engagement and encourage social media shares. Avoid using stock images if possible. Instead focus on images that are specific to your brand to capture the appeal of your products as Karakoram’s Split Board Bindings features on their social media accounts and on their website.

Be Consistent on Social Channels

When it comes to social media, the key component to success is consistency. Not only must you post often, but maintain brand consistency across all social media platforms to build brand recognition. This is equally applicable to your logos, tone, images and posts.

As each social network is different, you’ll need to analyze your social media data to determine the most effective means to generate engagement. There is no set time to post content as each industry is different. As a general rule of thumb, create 3-5 posts throughout the day to be featured at various times. However, by reviewing your social media data, you’ll discover when your accounts have the highest amount of engagement. Then, tailor your post schedule around those engagement times.

Content you create and post to your website and social media channels can make a big impact on your business when done right. To survive in today’s world you need a solid presence online, especially when your business revolves around selling online. With Digital Link Africa, we’ll help you establish and maintain a positive social media involvement to survive in today’s competitive digital world.