Digital Tangent is a small team of designers, builders, and thinkers. Our specialties are eCommerce in Africa, purpose-built WordPress development, and digital marketing strategies for small business, global brands and everything in-between.


Our Story

After years of working on web development projects, it was obvious to us that Africa is in need of technology solutions that make it easy for businesses to get online. Although there are many such platforms and tools available worldwide, most lack support for African currencies, mobile payments, local delivery networks and business strategies that cater to the African market.

While there is a clear need, increasing internet access across the continent and a growing class of potential users, businesses are still finding it difficult to connect the dots between building websites, integrating payment solutions, and learning how to use online and social media marketing tools.

Digital Tangent has always strived to deliver high quality web experiences that focus on user experience. Our goal is to offer our clients and their customers a superior web experience and through that, increase the overall success of doing business online.

Our Vision

Our goal is to help businesses in Africa sell successfully online. We strive to go beyond just providing technology and instead adopt a "do whatever we can" attitude to see that happen. Africa is at the tipping point of an eCommerce revolution, but the success will largely depend on execution and excellence in service. We hope our efforts will have a positive impact on the penetration of online business in Africa.


Contact Us

Send an email to info@digitaltangent.com today to find out how we can help you build your online business.