7 Ways to Reduce Mobile Cart Abandonment

A great post from RevenueWire on mitigating cart abandonment on mobile devices. Some highlights we enjoyed:

“In most instances, customers, especially new customers, prefer mobile websites to apps.” We totally agree. Getting customers to install your app is not easy. You need to offer a clean and simple mobile web experience to build up a loyal customer base first

“Don’t forget to re-engage shoppers that abandoned their purchase. Many simply do not make purchases during their first visit to a website. So, make sure you save their cart and keep it top of mind with retargeting campaigns or email reminders (if you have it).” We’ve tried to make this easy for DLA subscribers by building in Mailchimp Cart Abandonment Automation. This integration lets you automatically send out a pre-designed email to any customer that leaves an empty cart in your store and encourages them to finish their purchase.

“The more steps you add and more forms you require customers to fill out before purchasing, the more likely they are to not complete their purchase. Forced registration is one of the biggest turnoffs for potential customers so make sure they have the option to check out as a guest and only include essential fields in your checkout forms.” You can enable guest checkout in the DLA platform to take advantage of this tip.

Read the full article on the RevenueWire blog